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Thursday, October 26, 2017



Sunday, May 21, 2017

Libro y Hot Cake Mix 300g.

My book "Con una abejita  Hacemos Tortitas" & Pan cake mix


El pack ideal para divertirte cocinando con los más pequeños. Libro infantil (+2años) "Con una abejita hacemos tortitas" de la autora  Chiyoko Utaki muestra paso a paso y de formasencilla cómo hacer tortitas de una forma divertida. Para complementar el pack, incluye la harinapara hacer tortitas Hot Cake Mix de 300g.

Con este libro los niños pueden imaginar que están haciendo tortitas con una  abejita divertiday simpática que le enseña cómo hacerlas.

With this picture book children can imagine to make pancakes with a honey bee. This  honey
bee is a cheerful and friendly girl. The honey bee shows how to make pancakes. It  sold in a
pack with a pan cake mix set at the TOKYO-YA store in Madrid. Have a great tea time with
the delicious pan cake!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tortitas americanas o pancakes- Mundo Harid Toys.

https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v= jsCftap79JI

スペインで販売している絵本「Con una abejita Hacemos Tortitas」を見ながら、親子で料理をしている様子です。とても可愛らしい女の子がお母さんと一緒に、一生懸命クッキング中です。スペインの友達が親子の会話を教えてくれました。

My Spanish friend left a comment in the video. The little girl's mom replied to my  friend this: "We love thebook and we read it often, My daughter has a lot of fun   and,  despite she can't read yet, she learned it byheart. It's a very nice book to  introduce  little children to cooking".  I'm very happy to hear that. Also mySpanish  friend translated  this video for me. Gracias!

Here it is:

Girl: Ready, steady, go! Hello, little friends, today I've got a book to make pancakes.

Mom: Yaaay!


Mom: "We make pancakes with a little bee". What does it say there?

Girl: "Do you want to make pancakes with me?" Yaaay!

Mon: Yaaay!

Girl: Let's go. First you have to put an egg in a bowl.

M: All right.

G: One egg. Here we have an egg.(she whips the egg) Like this?

M: Very well done.

G: Now we have done the egg.(Takes the book) Now, look, we have to add the flour.

M: "Second: add 100 gr of flour". Let's go.

G: (before pouring the flour into the bowl) All of it?

M: All of it. All right. Now what else?

G: (reading the book) Oh! A little glass of milk!

M: All right, a little glass of milk. In the flour.

G: Do I pout all of it?

M: Yes.

G: All of it?

M: Yes. Very good.

G: Now we have the milk.

M: What else? (looks at the book) Pour a tea spoon of sugar...

G: Pour some oil...

M: Yeast and salt. Okay. Sugar... one(spoonful).

G: One?

M: Yes.

G. A big spoonful?

M: Yes.

G: Let's see...

M: A very big one. Like that. All right. One of sugar... Pour the yeats.

G: This?

M: Yes. Two (spoonfuls).

G: One... And two. And now the oil.

M: Now the oil. One and two.

G: Very good, I'll whip it.

M: Fine, you whip it.

G: (while whipping) Very good, little friends... Hum, bring the pan out. After that we  have to add... I don'tremember.

M: Let's read it.

G: Me! I read it! I was reading it. I was reading it, right?

M: Yes.

G: All right, this is it.

M: Now the salt

G: Now the salt. Very good. Let's whip it.(She opens the book again and see that the  next instruction iswhipping) Ah, but I've already whipped it, I already did it!

M: It says: "mix everything. Good job!"

G: Now the pan to make it change its color.

M: Okay.

G: The pan.

M: All right, let's get the pan.

G: Now the pan to make it change its color.

M: Fine.

G: (images of the pan) Now this.

M: Until it changes its color.

G: ... Changes its color.

M: Let's see... let's turn the pancake upside down... Here it is the first pancake. It's  almost done!

G: Mom, in the plate.

M: Okay. Has it changed its color?

G: Yes. It's almost done. More, more, more... it's done! another pancake more, mom!

M: Another one.

G: (Then she sings to the baby) Pancakes, pancakes. Do you want to make pancakes  with me? The butter.

M: A bit of butter.

G. Now the honey!

M: Now a little cup to make a picnic. Look, Haridian's cup...

G: Mom

M: And Izan's cup.

G: Mom, may I borrow this one?

M: Do you want this (cup)?

G. Yes.

M: Okay, then Haridian's cup for Izan.

G: (a common rhyme to end a tale) "Snip, snap, snout, this tale's told out". Godbye, my little friends! I wantto eat!

M: Let's eat then. Is it good?

G: (nods) You're going to like it very much.

I loved the video! I'm really happy they seemed to love the book and the pancakes. :D

Thursday, August 25, 2016

About Japan Expo in Paris 2016.


Japan Expo in Paris was the place to be for all fans of Japan and its culture, from  manga to  martial artsin July 2016. My iPhone case had  been showed there.  They were released  in Japan and foreigncountries. Each theme was "Happy Easter"  and "Make a wish".

Thursday, June 9, 2016

My book "Con una abejita" sold in a pack with a baking set.


My book sold in a pack with a bakeing set in Spain. The box is cute and the set is  good way to  sell books.It is a nice present for children.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My iPhone caces were released.

iPhone用のハードカバーケースのイラスト、イースターと妖精の2パターンです。キラキラしたスワロフスキーのアクセサリー感を出してみました。パリで開催される今年のJapan EXPOに展覧予定です。

My iPhone cases were released in Japan and foreign countries. Each theme  was " Happy Easter" and "Make a wish". They are going to show at the Japan Ehhibition  in Paris.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The coffee shop.


The cat is a waiter in the coffee shop. Enjoy your tea time with cat! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring has arrived!


It's much warmer than usual today. The season that I like best is spring. I'm now  enjoying signs  of spring.A lot of flowers will bloom soon. In April, cherry blossoms  will be in full bloom and I like to see cherryblossoms.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wishing you a Happy New Year!


In japan, we have the twelve zodiac signs and each year has a symbolic  animal. The  cycle is  completedevery twelfth year. 2016 is the year of the  monkey. May this  year  be your best  ever.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Autumun is here.

Now tree leaves turn to yellow and red. It's still hot in the daytime, but it's  got a bit  cooler in  the morningand evenings. It's very comfortable and I like  this season  very  much. In Japan, it's good time to enjoyarts, reading or  playing sports during  this  season. So I'm enjoying for art, to draw a new picture book, "The girl in the  woods."


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beads accessories.

Accesorios con cuentas.

Hoy he hecho estos accesorios. Es una actividad que me encanta, uno de mis hobbies.  Suelo usardiferentes tipos de cuentas y piedras naturales, de diferentes formas y  colores. Es muy divertido elegirlasen las tiendas.


I made this accessory today. I like making accessories and I enjoyed it a lot. It's one  of my  hobbies. I usedmany kinds of beads and natural stones, various shapes and   colors. It's very  fun to choose them instores.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My book "Con una abejita" sold in a pack with a beautiful white ribbon.

Mi amiga española me ha mandado estas fotos. ¡Gracias! Mi libro "Con  una abejita" a la ventaen un pack con un bonito lazo blanco en una de las tiendas  Imaginarium de España. Queda muychulo, me gusta. En Japón los packs  de libros no son algo habitual, pero creo que es una buenamanera de vender  libros y un regalo perfecto para los niños.

スペインの友達が、Imaginariumのお店で写真を撮ってきてくれました。プレゼント用に可愛くリボンでラッピングされた絵本集です。いろいろな絵本の詰め合わせ、こんな風にリボンで綺麗に飾られていたら、思わず手に取ってしまいそう。。 このシルクのホワイトリボンはすごくお気に入りです♪

My spanish best friend took these pictures for me. Thank you very much!
My book "Con una abejita" sold in a pack with a beautiful white ribbon at one of the
Imaginarium stores in Spain. The packs look cool and nice. I love them. In japan, the  book  packs are veryrare. I think it's good way to sell books. They are a nice  present  for children.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kokeshi girls

Este es mi nuevo proyecto: son recortables de "Muñecas Kokeshi".
Las Kokeshi  son muñecas de madera de diseño sencillo y hechas a mano que sefabrican en el Noreste de Japón desde hace muchísimo tiempo.

スペインの友達が、私のこけしのイラストでバッグを作ってくれました。軽くてすごく丈夫。たくさん物が入るお気に入りのバッグです。こけしは、外国でも 「KOKESHI」 の呼び名でとても人気があります。日本の伝統人形が海外で評価されるのは嬉しいです。

This is my new paper doll's project: the "Kokeshi girls". The Kokeshi are traditional  Japanese dolls whichare handmade from wood and have a very simple design. They  have been made in the north-east region inJapan since very old time. My spanish  best friend presented this bag to me. Thank you very much!!

この枕を抱えた可愛い眠り姫は、外国の Momiji さんのこけしです。外国だと形もデザインもまるで変ってきますね。でも、シンプルなデザインは、外国でも、こけしの基本のようです。

Momiji さんのこけしは、海外のさまざまな国のアーティストがデザインしています。国によって、柄や色使いが変わっていくのが楽しいです。この四つ葉のクローバーの女の子の名前はLucky。やはり外国でも、四つ葉は幸運のシンボルなんですね。

Shamrock Shakes


この緑色の飲み物は、アメリカ、カナダなどのマクドナルドの春の季節限定商品、マックシェイクです。味はミント味でバニラシェイクだそうです。Momiji さんのHPに作り方が載っていました♪

You will need

4 bigg-ish strawberries (you can keep adding them to taste depending on how sweet you want it to  be.)
2 large handfuls of spinach or kale
A heaped teaspoon of almond butter (cashew butter or peanut butter are also excellent choices.)
300 ml of almond milk (you can use regular milk too)
1 frozen banana

この青いこけしの名前は  Kyoka で、Happiness  という意味が込められているんだとか。名前や意味をつけるのも、愛着ができて良いですね。

こちらは、Milan Editionsさんのこけし。こちらもやはり一つ一つに名前がついています。名前というより苗字?とても可愛らしいこけしです。

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Happy New Year 2015! May this year be better and happy!!

En Japón tenemos doce signos del zodíaco y cada año tiene un
animal simbólico. El ciclo se completa cada doce años. 2015 es el
año de la oveja, ¡espero que sea un año muy feliz para todo el


Monday, July 14, 2014

My picture book "Con una abejita Hacemos Tortitas" was released in Spain!


Mi libro ilustrado "Con una abejita hacemos tortitas" has sido publicado por fin.
Estas fotos me las manda mi amiga española (¡muchas gracias!).
Estas son imágenes de una de las tiendas Imaginarium de Madrid, me hace  muy feliz verlas. Hay unmontón de libros chulos y juguetes adorables en la  tienda: todo parece muy agradable.  Me encantaesta tienda. 



My picture book "Con una abejita Hacemos Tortitas" was released in Spain at last.
My spanish best friend took these pictures for me!! ¡Muchas gracias! Here are
pictures of an Imaginarium store located in Madrid. I'm very happy to see them.
There are a lot of nice books and cute toys in the store. It looks very nice and cool.
I love the store.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pancake house in Kyoto.

Mi amiga y yo fuimos a un café cerca del castillo Nijo, en Kyoto. Servían unas tortitasexcelentes con sirope de arce. Nos encantaron, estaban deliciosas.


I went with my friend to a cafe near the Nijo Castle in Kyoto. It served an  excellent  pancake  with maplesyrup. It was really delicious and I loved it a lot!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Review from the Imaginarium website.


Reseña del libro en la página de Imaginarium.


Review from the Imaginarium website: "We make pancakes. Book for the little ones. In Spanish."

"A nice bee teaches us how to make pancakes in this lovely book with sweet  illustrations and  surprisesto discover. It encourages the children too feel  interested  by books since they are  little."

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Picture books reached me today!

¡Ya han llegado mis libros!

Hoy me han llegado los libros (mis privilegios como autora). Son preciosos y muy
coloridos. Miden 16 x16 cm, lo que me parece un tamaño perfecto para que lo
puedan leer los niños pequeñitos.


Today my picture book reached me (my privileges as an author). It's very  colorful and nice.  The size is 16cm square and it's just right size for little children.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New E-Book!



¡Novedades! Mi libro ya ha sido publicado como E-Book (aunque sólo en español).  Lopuedes leer en IPhone y Tablet. Y el libro en formato papel
saldrá muy pronto. Por cierto, estoy esperando que me lleguen mis ejemplares (privilegios de autora)¡y me muero de ganas!


News! My picture book has been released as E-Book too (although it's only  in  Spanish). You can read itwith iPhone and Tablet. The paper book will be released soon too. By the way,  some books will reach me(my privileges as an author) and I'm looking forward to getting them.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Book "Con una abejita  Hacemos Tortitas"

Con este libro los niños pueden imaginar que están haciendo tortitas con una abejita divertiday simpática que le enseña cómo hacerlas.

絵本 『Con una abejita  Hacemos Tortitas』は、小さな子どもがみつばちと一緒になって、ホットケーキ作りを楽しめる絵本です。ホットケーキは日本独自のものかと思ったら、スペインでも子どもに人気の定番おやつなんです。

With this picture book, children can imagine to make pancakes with a honey bee.
This honey bee is a cheerful and friendly girl. The honey bee shows how to make

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Review from the Imaginarium website.

Reseña del libro en la página de Imaginarium(próximamente).

こちらは、Imaginarium からの案内です。

Review from the Imaginarium website (soon available).

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Imaginarium store

Esta es una de las tiendas de Imaginarium que hay en España. Tienen un montón de libros y dejuguetes adorables.

本が出版される、スペインの出版社 Imaginarium社の店舗です。絵本だけでなく、おもちゃやぬいぐるみなどもたくさん取り扱っている子どもたちに人気のお店です。入り口の二つのアーチは日本人がデザインしたそうで、大人と子どもがそれぞれのアーチをくぐって、中に入れるようになっています。

Here is one of the Imaginarium stores located in Spain. There are a lot of interesting  picture  books andcute toys.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My picture book will be released this May in Spain.

Mi libro ilustrado "Con una abejita hacemos tortitas" saldrá este mismo mes de mayo en España.

2014年5月、スペインの出版社 Imaginarium社より、絵本 『Con una abejita  Hacemos Tortitas』 が出版される予定です。

My picture book  『Con una abejita  Hacemos Tortitas』  will be released this May in Spain.